Who are we?

HØST & VÅR is a Norwegian brand, created in 2020, by mother and daughter team Elsa Fredrikke Nedrebø & Gunn Auglend Nedrebø

Elsa Fredrikke Nedrebø

Born in 1989 Elsa grew up amongst the busy studio of her mother, Gunn. After completing her own studies of fashion and pattern cutting Elsa launched a ready to wear capsule as part of a Norwegian online platform.

  Following the success of this capsule Elsa decided to launch her own brand in 2015 and the story of HØST &VÅR began its journey.

Gunn Auglend Nedrebø

A heritage of 30 years as a professional design, tailor and pattern maker is brought to the business
by Gunn Augland Nedrebo, who continues to be the backbone of the pattern construction of HØST & VÅR.

This passion for fashion design has been passed down from grandmother, to mother, to daughter: through three generations to Elsa, who is now the leading design force of the brand. Elsa’s grandmother, also named Elsa Fredrikke, is held firmly in the hearts of Elsa & Gunn as the inspirational force behind their creative spirit.

The ethos of HØST & VÅR

Is to create garments which convey an individual and unique sensibility, and to do so in a way which makes a positive impact.

Items are all cross-seasonal, cross-generational, conscious, cruelty-free and as far as possi- ble sustainable.

We know that sustainablity is a big claim and it is almost impossible to be 100% sustainable but we are doing our best to be as close as possible.

We carefully consider the best choices and we continually aspire to go further in the right direction.

We are a small team but we make exponential efforts to ensure that we focus on the entire value chain starting with the source material and ending with the communication of our values and societal responsibility.

We are transparent about our sourcing and production cycle which we explain in depth in our manifesto pages.

HØST & VÅR creates garments which are feminine, bold and colourful with unique fabric patterns. We want to create garments that speak of personality, confidence, a spirited sense of happiness and a creative connection with the world